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From the very beginning, LocalTeam Australia has focused on creating the best software and websites for our clients. Our team is skilled in a number of avenues of software development & web design from single webpage productions to enterprise level software solutions. LocalTeam Australia has what it takes to bring your business into the modern day and create the environment you need to keep growing.

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Our Other Services

Check 1 2

Check 1 2 is our custom-built software that monitors your website.

With Check 1 2 the monitoring experience is easy and reliable, a user simply enters the address of their web pages, selects a phrase that appears on the page and Check 1 2 will take care of the rest. Our advanced monitoring tools can detect both if the website is down, or the content isn’t loading by using the phrase you defined. Our tools frequently check your website, and its response time so you can be alerted if your website is slow, inaccessible, or not displaying correctly. This proactive monitoring approach can help you resolve website issues before they become critical.


gCast is powerful marketing automation that gives you the best tools to communicate to customers while keeping your franchise empire on-brand. LocalTeam is partnered with gCast to help bring our customers one of the best tools for informing, engaging and retaining clients!

If you value premium functionality whilst working on your marketing campaigns, you’ve come to the right place.

Domains & SSL

LocalTeam Australia provides users with a variety of ways to get a website running, including selling domains and SSL certificates. Nothing sets you on the right track like organising your online presence early. Finding the right domain can take time, but once you have your decision you want to take ownership of it as soon as possible.

SSL Certificates let search engines and users know your website is secure, and the website is trustworthy. Therefore, to rank highly on search engines, and to pass secure information your website needs an SSL Certificate, luckily we have you covered!

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