Our Guarantee

From the very beginning LocalTeam Australia has focused on creating custom software for our clients. We work hard to guarantee the quality of our work and will leave you feeling confident you made the right choice in coming to us for your software needs.

What Can LocalTeam Australia Do For You

Our team is skilled in a number of avenues of software development from single webpage productions to enterprise level software solutions. LocalTeam Australia has what it takes to bring your business into the modern day and create the environment you need to keep growing.

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With our team of developers and graphic designers we have the knowledge and ability to create your new custom-built Website the way you envision. From the first step to the last LocalTeam Australia will work with you on the journey of making your dream Website a reality. All the while keeping SEO in mind to ensure a quick transition from new website to front page brand.

Our Graphic Designer Kara can take your ideas, dream and brand and create a logo that captures the essence of your business. We endeavour to stay in touch and rework things throughout the process to ensure the final product is exactly what you need.

Already have a logo and branding? That’s fine, Kara will keep on top of the developers to make sure your company is represented in the best light. Leading the visual decisions of the website to ensure a smooth incorporation of your branding to the final product.

Need automated reports from your legacy invoicing system? An integrated solution to help better manage an aspect of your business? Local Team can help!

We have experience designing and implementing a variety of custom software solutions to meet individual business needs. Sometimes off the shelf solutions are expensive, often they come as a package including large feature sets not relevant to your business. Maybe you don’t want to redo your entire administration workflow to implement one of these off the shelf solutions when you only have one problem to solve. Local Team specializes in identifying core business requirements and developing a solution that addresses these with minimum impact to your current operations.

LocalTeam has experience working with a variety of both modern and legacy database systems. We can integrate with or upgrade existing database systems to improve data quality or extend your data collection capabilities.


Database systems we have experience with include: Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Access, MySQL and Oracle. We have the capabilities to integrate with most other less common database systems as well.

LocalTeam Australia’s commitment to the customer means we can bring your E-Commerce to life. Optimising your branding and customising the look of your platform. We can help you to make an impact in your market and sell your product online.


With integration from our SEO team and graphic designers our in-house developers can give you the custom look and feel your webstore deserves. From building the foundation to decorating the interior our development team will have your website looking good and working great.


A strong focus on security means you can rest safe knowing that your customers and you have all your information secured. Get in touch and see how your Local Team can help you to build the E-Commerce site of your dreams.

A combination of the words “mechanical” and “electronics,” mechatronics brings together electrical engineering, control engineering, computer engineering, and mechanical engineering disciplines.


LocalTeam Australia combines mechatronics with the internet which ends up as mechatronics IOT (Internet of Things) being the interconnection of machines and devices to the internet connecting and utilising such things as sensors, network, communication protocols, analytics and specific software. This is a relatively new popularised concept, though engineering in mechatronics existed for more than half a century.

Nearly everyone now has or uses smart devices, industries are wiring themselves to an upgraded version of IOT and Mechatronics in order to improve processes, systems and increasing the bottom line.

The IOT wave is happening quickly and LocalTeam Australia has embraced these kind of technologies for many years now and are finding more and more companies are embracing the possibilities of this new network of things.

Get in touch with us if you would like to know more about how LocalTeam Australia can help you get involved in this wave of excitement.

Search Engine Optimisation

Does your business lack exposure when people look for the service you are offering? Feeling overwhelmed by all the “Must do’s” or “Must have’s” that come with showing up on that coveted front page?


Get in touch with us and have our SEO team evaluate and improve your spot on the listings. With the support of our developers and marketing team we can make changes quick and seamless when needed. The whole time keeping your company’s image in mind and ensuring nothing “off brand” is ever added to your website.


With constant research and testing our SEO team stays on top of the latest trends and market strategies to keep your website performing the best it can. We take the input of our clients seriously and by ensuring to keep constant communication flowing between us we can make sure you are always involved with decisions made for your website.

Whether you are using paper forms or large spreadsheets you are creating, editing, and storing data for your business. With the help of our software developers LocalTeam Australia has worked on several Web Applications that simplify and streamline these data collections.


With a focus on high quality customisation we can build what you need, how you need it, and give you access anywhere you have internet connectivity. This allows for updating, creating, and saving information while you are on the move.


With our team on the forefront of new technologies and industry standards, LocalTeam Australia can future proof your Web Application and keep your business competitive for years to come.