Web Design Pricing

Please note that these are estimations for your website build cost, extra complexity and features required for your website may impact the cost.


Level 1

$ 720 + hosting
  • Domain Registration (if required)
  • Content Uploads
  • Basic SEO
  • Social Links
  • SSL Certificates
  • Google Analytics
  • Google My Business

Level 2

$ 1262 + hosting
  • All features of Level 1
  • 10 stock image
  • Video Upload
  • Content Editing

Level 3

$ 2240 + hosting
  • All features of Level 1 & Level 2
  • Setup Google Search Console
  • Furthur SEO Improvments

– Domain Registration

This is your website’s address that will allow people to find your website on the internet (e.g. www.google.com). LocalTeam makes this straightforward by removing the hassle of registering this yourself.

– Hosting

LocalTeam will host your website for you and install the necessary features to your website, allowing it to be both modern looking and accessible across the internet for a monthly fee.

– Web Design

LocalTeam will use their website building experience to design a website that has modern web aesthetics and contains important links, so people can easily contact you with one click by email, phone, and our custom forms.

– Content Uploads

Modern websites host important content such as Images, PDFs and more. Local Teams websites will have these images stored on the website to insure people see the content you want them to see right on your webpage.

– Basic SEO

Search engines (such as google) allow for your customers to find websites based on what people search for. LocalTeam will help make your website easier to find by optimising your website using keywords and other attributes of your website. more here

– Social links

LocalTeam will include links to your social media to integrate your website to social media platforms, helping to increase traffic to these platforms.

– SSL Certificates

LocalTeam will help you secure your websites, making it look more trustworthy and safer for anyone on it. more here

– Setup of Google my Business

LocalTeam will set up Google my business for you, which will allow people to review, find, and access information about your business right from their searches. This will help customers find your business quickly and can help draw further traffic to your website.

– All the features of Level 1

Domain registration, Hosting, Web design, Content uploads, Basic SEO, Social links, SSL certificate.

–  10 Stock Images

Stock images help provide a visual example of what you’re trying to explain through your website, they also help to minimise otherwise blank space and by visually  striking. They are especially useful in your website if you lack any related images.

– Video Upload

Videos can help your website be more engaging through its multimodal applications, LocalTeam will help upload your video to display on your website, while maintaining  your webpages efficiency.

– Content Editing

Edit your provided content for search engine optimisation in line with your brand.


ReCAPTCHA helps to stop spam to your website, LocalTeam will implement this feature to minimise the potential of unwanted automated messages.

– All the features of Level 1 and level 2

Domain registration, Hosting, Web design, Content uploads, Basic SEO, Social links, SSL certificate. 10 stock images, Video upload, content editing and ReCAPTCHA.

– Google Search Console setup

LocalTeam will set up Googles search console for you, allowing you to see the traffic to your website, allowing you to understand how many people are seeing your business and what they are searching for when they find your business.

– Further SEO improvements

LocalTeam will modify your website with meta tags, descriptions, and improved keywords to maximise your webpages ranking on Google Search.