How to Create a Website

A website can be important for any business. It will often act as your first point of contact, your storefront, or convince customers to shop with you over the competition.  If a website is so important to a business, then the question is how do you create a website?

Getting Started

If you want to make a website yourself, or hire a professional, a great place to start is by asking yourself some questions to work out what you will need.

  • What is the goal of my website?
  • Is it an informative site to get people to take a certain action or a storefront for your business?
  • How quickly do you require the website?

These questions can help you narrow down the scope of the website, working out what you need, the complexity of the site, and when you need it.


You could buy some server space, start a new WordPress instance, take the time to learn WordPress and create a simple website for your business in 2 – 3 weeks. While it may cost you about $350 per year for hosting, building the website itself can be completely free.

The website side of things may start getting more expensive however if you want to use a more powerful tool like Elementor which adds an extra $100 per year bringing the yearly total up to $450. You will also need to make sure you regularly update your website to keep it secure.

Using Professionals

If you are looking for something more complex or aren’t as technical, we recommend hiring a professional to help you create your website. LocalTeam has built websites both big and small and with many different needs. You can find our pricing tiers here to work out the cost of your ideal website.

When setting up your website you might also need to consider setting up analytics and google my business to increase your web presence. At LocalTeam no matter what tier you choose we will set these up for you!

Our hosting which encompasses bi-weekly backend updates, extra tools used to enhance your website, and the hosting of your website, could save you nearly 50% of the yearly cost when doing it DIY. If your website is built for the long term these savings can seriously add up.

What to do From Here?

We hope this article was helpful to you and if you’re in the market for a new website or even a revamp of your existing one, don’t hesitate, get in touch with us and book a FREE consultation. We specialise in all things software related and are in this business to help people.  Shoot us an email at or call us on (07) 4599 7300 Mon-Fri :9am-4pm

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