How to Check if Your Website Is Working?

A website can be very important for potential customers to access information about your business, sell goods and services and provide customers with support. So, ensuring your website is online should be a big priority. There are many steps you can take to attempt to minimise downtime, such as using a good website host, and following our guide on maximising website uptime. However, no website will ever have complete 100% uptime, but there are a few ways you can check if your website working. These methods can be broken into two categories manually or automatically.

Manually Test if Your Website Is Working

If someone is reporting having issues with your website, but you can’t see it you can verify if the issue is on their end by using a tool such as website planet. This free tool requires you to enter the URL and will give you a small report on whether the website can be accessed. As they state on their website their tool is great if you want to “determine if the issue is on your end, such as connectivity, or if it is external, and therefore not in your control.” It is important to note that this tool isn’t looking for a particular piece of content on the page. Even if the normal page content is not displaying, this tool may say the website is up, so using the page screenshot they provided to verify the site looks correct can be useful.

A Screenshot of website planet showing localteam's website is "Up".

Automatically Test If Your Website Is Working

If you want to actively monitor if your website is currently up and receive alerts when it goes offline you will need a more advanced tool, that automatically visits your website and checks its status. Check12 is a great tool that will periodically check your website, save the result, and alert you if your site goes down.

After setting up your account you can navigate to the monitoring page and add a base address by clicking the “Add a Website” button.
Enter the base URL of your website (such as

A screenshot of setting up a website for Check12

Then you can click the eye icon which will allow you to add a page of your website for monitoring, sign up for notifications via email, SMS or both, and add a page phrase, which if not detected will count your website as being “down”.

A screenshot of setting up a page for monitoring in Check12

After filling this out, Check12 will provide monthly reports, alert you when your website goes offline and comes back up and can even alert you if your website takes too long to respond. for Check12 here if you want to focus on your business, without having to worry about your website.

A screenshot of Check12 that displays information to show your website is working.


There are great tools to check if your website is working. While manual tools such as are great if you need to check if your website is down across the globe or only on your computer screen. Check12 provides a long-term answer to checking if your website is working by automatically checking it periodically and giving you alerts and monthly reports. If you need help setting up Check12, need reliable hosting or help creating a website then don’t hesitate, to get in touch. We specialise in all things software related and are in this business to help people.  Shoot us an email at or call us at (07) 4599 7300 Mon-Fri: 9 am-4 pm.

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