How Can You Build a Web Application?

A web application can be a great way to attract customers to a product or service. Web apps provide a gateway to your business that is accessible on all internet-available devices with a web browser, yet can offer the functionality of a fully native application. Web apps can be built using a variety of tools, and software. However, some tools are better for the job than others, as they will allow for greater flexibility, customisation and styling.

Building Responsive

When building for the web you are building for many devices with different screen sizes, from small vertical phone screens to large horizontal monitors. These devices also have different input methods which can greatly impact how your website works on a different device. It can be easy to overlook building for all these devices, but the better your web application works for everyone the better engagement it will have. Building web applications like this is called responsive design, and it should be one of the greatest concerns when building a front end as an unresponsive front end can make users frustrated and lead them to seek alternatives.

Building A Secure Backend

Most web apps will have logins, payment walls, server processing, databases and more. This work happens on the server and is known as the “backend” of the web application. It is very important to make sure that user data is being stored securely. So only trusted services, tested code and backend standards such as Oauth should be used to ensure that the backend of the web application is robust, scalable and secure.

Iteration with Testing

No one likes it when a service they use every day has downtime. Ultimately all web applications (big and small) will have some downtime throughout the year, however, to minimise this all code and changes should be tested separately from the live app. This environment can be called a staging area or proofing area. This proofing area should have a completely separate test database, and be used to test the code for bugs and issues before everyone has access to it. This will help to ensure that you won’t have to undo changes that were pushed to everyone to stop catastrophic issues and minimise the downtime of your web application.

Building the Web Application

There are a variety of frameworks, design systems, and backend technologies that can be used to create web applications. When considering the complexity of creating a web app it can be overwhelming and difficult for the average person to know where to start. LocalTeam can provide you with the expertise to bring your web application idea to life. We have the experience you need to build responsive and secure applications. So if your looking for a new app for your business don’t hesitate, get in touch with us and book a FREE consultation. We specialise in all things software related and are in this business to help people. Shoot us an email at or call us on (07) 4599 7300 Mon-Fri :9am-4pm.

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