Custom Software Solutions in 2022

Why consider custom software solutions in 2022?

There’s nothing worse than investing thousands of dollars on brand new “top-shelf” software only to find that a fraction of its functions have actual relevance to your business’ needs.

Custom software solutions tailored to a specific set of users and/or functions will resonate with your business’ requirements and increase efficiency. Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) usually have an in-house software development team who design custom software, but for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) it hardly seems practical to have a designated team purely for software development for in-house use – That’s where LocalTeam Australia come in.

“Surely there’s a better way to do this!”

You can help us to create and design custom software solutions for your business. Our team of highly experienced IT specialists can consult with you to find that ideal Software Application, Back-End Database, Website Design or Custom APIs that ensures the best productivity from you and your team.

LocalTeam Australia software solutions vary according to our clients’ requirements. We approach every task with a focus on providing custom solutions and honest appraisals that will help grow your business by increasing your day-to-day efficiency.

Getting the most out of your business – more than just working hard, it’s working smarter

Growth and Scalability

As your business starts to gain traction and grow, so will your requirements. “Off-the-Shelf” software solutions can benefit in the short-term but with more and more license purchases, the annual budget slowly starts to outweigh the benefits. Custom software solutions, once created, are yours to own and are applied to as many departments/subsidiaries required.

 Tailored Solutions

Often, when choosing generic software for your business, only a few of the options are pertinent, and the rest lay dormant and unused which can be a massive waste of your money. Unlike off-the-shelf software that is commonly “agnostic”, our custom solutions are tailored specifically to the needs of your business, no matter how unique they are.

 *agnostic software runs on any combination of operating system

Integration and Reliability

LocalTeam Australia works on finding the best solution possible for the client. This could include merging existing software with something new to create streamlined processes including a “set and forget” environment, leaving you more time to focus on more important aspects of your business. Furthermore, purchasing pre-existing software leaves you at the risk of the owning company failing to continue updates, moving onto bigger and better things, leaving your business with severely outdated, glitchy software, leaving your programs and data vulnerable.

Costs and overall benefits

In the long-term, custom software solutions are a better investment than their off-the-shelf counterparts. Bridging the gap between old and new – custom software is easier to navigate and learn as it’s designed for your business specifically.

Custom software solutions allow your business to have security measures from pre-existing software to be implemented during development, with a strong focus on making sure data accessibility is limited by role permissions and validated against the API. This protection is a huge bonus to businesses primarily operating online, a growing industry “post-pandemic”.

Final recommendations and conclusions

Choosing custom made solutions is often the better choice, but as with any decision – we collaborate with your business to ensure we provide a solution that meets your company’s individual needs and requirements.

Companies with unique requirements can benefit a lot more from custom software solutions than off-the-shelf software and gain a competitive advantage if applied correctly.

Get in touch with us, book in for a consultation and coffee with our team – the first meeting is always free, and let us get your business on track to being streamlined and ready to flourish. 

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