Custom software, gaining an advantage over your competitors

Some off-the-shelf software solutions are standard in certain industries, being used by almost every player. That might be fine, but a custom software solution, that can do more, integrate better or improve efficiency can give your business a competitive edge compared to the ones still stuck on off-the-shelf solutions. If you’re wondering about the potential benefits custom software can provide, or if you need custom software, LocalTeam Australia can help you craft the software to best suit your needs.

Custom features

Custom software can have some significant advantages for your business. One of the largest benefits is custom features, these features could be anything not included in other solutions that enhance business efficiency. In many cases, custom features can present a competitive advantage for a business when they are developed with business needs in mind. Other custom features could include integration with other software such as Power BI for analytics or CMS platforms.

Reduce Bloat

Many off-the-shelf solutions will come packed with software features that your company has no use for (this is called Bloat), to generalise the software for as large a customer base as possible. These features make menus harder to navigate, the software slower and may cause issues with the way you want to use the software. A custom software solution is built specifically for your needs cutting out unnecessary bloat and streamlining your efficiency.

Accessing the software the way you want to

A lot of software is moving towards a ‘web first’ approach, where users access applications through a web browser, instead of natively from their device. This type of solution may perfectly fit some people’s needs, while some people may need on-device applications or applications that don’t require constant internet connectivity. Some off-the-shelf software will not support this need, while others will charge very expensive licences for it. On the other hand, LocalTeam’s custom software gives you flexibility in deciding the type of software you want, making it very useful no matter if you want to access mechatronics with a web app or gather data in the field without the internet.

Updates when you need them

Not only may you lack custom features when using off-the-shelf software, but even if it’s a planned feature you need to wait until the software is updated to meet your needs. In some cases, updates may even break your existing integrations or your developed workflow with the software. There is very little you can do about these sudden changes when utilising such software. However, a custom solution can be updated to your needs, new features can be added as your business expands, when you need them. Furthermore, you don’t need to worry about random updates disrupting your operations.

The disadvantages of custom software

Although custom software has an array of benefits and advantages, there are many things to consider and some reasons why custom software may not be the solution for all businesses. The largest of these is the greater initial cost. Although custom software may be cheaper for a business in the long run, compared to paying an expensive subscription, custom software may have a higher initial cost as it is being developed. This may be outweighed by the competitive edge granted by custom software, and the lack of ‘cost multiplied by users’ subscriptions that many off-the-shelf solutions have. Another option is to attach custom software to an API, or data output of your pre-existing off-the-shelf solution. This allows you to continue utilising your current solution, but attach different functions, such as data analysis to the software.


Ultimately when considering if custom software is right for you there are many things to think about, at LocalTeam Australia we try to make this process as easy as possible. If you’re considering a custom software solution, get in touch and book a FREE consultation, where we can discuss your unique needs and the best solutions. We specialise in all things software related and are in this business to help people. Shoot us an email at or call us on (07) 4599 7300 Mon-Fri :9am-4pm.

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