LocalTeam Australia is a Queensland based company, specialising in IT development. By providing a range of services to suit any digital challenge, our Local Team is equipped to take your idea and help mould it into your dream.

We pride ourselves on ensuring to keep the "old" way of doing business, face to face meetings with updates on the progress of your software, continued support after final release, flexibility to change if something isn't how you envisioned, and a combined experience of over 40 years in the industry to ensure that what we promise is delivered.

Local Team Australia's goal from our very first meeting with you is to make sure that your ideas can come to life. One of our team will sit down with you and help to flesh out your ideas. This has been and always will be a no-obligation "chat" that helps to build a foundation that LocalTeam Australia values very much, Communication.

The willingness to always do what is best for our clients is paramount to our approach in software development, and by building this communication early on in the development process it leads to effective design and implementation.

Below is a chance for you to meet some of our team, and learn what we can do for you.

LocalTeam Australia's Business Logo

Meet some of our team



Glenn has been working in the IT business for over 30 years, with experience across a wide range of technologies from process automation to project management, scoping, technical mentoring and consulting services. Glenn has the expertise to listen to your needs, and recommend a suitable outcome that best suits your vision.


Lead Developer

Chris has worked for 5 years in the IT industry before branching out to become a senior developer for Local Team Australia. Chris is a full stack developer who can help bring any business into the digital era. With his design partner providing aesthetic brand and website design, Chris and Kara are the ideal team for your web development needs.


Business Analyst / Quality Assurance

Ben brings a wealth of experience in small team management and customer relations. Ben is taking the lead towards building our client base, project management and quality assurance. We encourage you to contact Ben to arrange a meeting with LocalTeam Australia and discuss your software needs.


Head of Design

Kara has an incredible portfolio of company identity design, including elements such as logo creation, website design and brand design. With these skills Kara is able to redesign, create and update company branding to revitalise your business. See our Slideshow tab to preview a simple example of what Kara has created for LocalTeam Australia.



Daniel joined LocalTeam in August of 2020 bringing with him a range of skills key to the ongoing expansion of LocalTeam Australias interests. As a professional agronomist and computer scientist, with three years working in deeply specialized IT fields, and 7 years working in an extremely competitive agribusiness environment Daniel has brought a wealth of knowledge to LocalTeam that has benefited our clients greatly.



Angus joined the team after studying a Bachelor of Science (Computing) at the University of Southern Queensland. Angus is a full stack developer working with LocalTeam Australia. When not at work he enjoys building software hobby projects ranging from android and ios apps to browser based software. Having experiance in a lot of varied and challenging projects at LocalTeam Australia, Angus has the skills to deliver your needs.


Marketing Manager

Jamie works as a liaison for LocalTeam, connecting your business with our expertise. She organises contact to ensure smooth operation and communication. She also provides marketing strategies for businesses, allowing them to tap into todays most powerful tool in marketing, social media. Have a chat with Jamie to see what we can do for you.